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Day 97: 100 Days Fasting & Prayer



John 3:16, Genesis 4:1-7, 2Kings 3:27, Genesis 8:20-22

Dictionary defines sacrifice as to offer something as a gift to a deity, to give away something valuable to get at least a possibility to gain something else of value (such as self respect, trust, love, freedom, prosperity) or to avoid an even greater loss. A valuable sacrifice must cost you something. In 2 Samuel 24:24, King David said that he will not offer to the Lord sacrifice that will cost him nothing. Valuable sacrifice makes things happen. It radically charges situations. In Mark 12:41-44, a widow offered a sacrificial offering and Jesus accepted it. Good sacrifices and offerings bring down the glory of God. Infact, it transforms situations positively. It provides from God, Divine security, breakthrough, prosperity, open doors, and brings unmerited supernatural connections. It is also a means of atonement of sins. In John 3:16, the scripture says that God sacrificed His only begotten son, so that all people might have eternal life. Jesus saved us from eternal slavery and condemnation with His blood. He made, supreme and ultimate sacrifice and simultaneously paid the full price for our salvation. In 2 Chronicles 1:6-12, King Solomon offered great sacrifice to God and at night God appeared to him in a dream and asked him what he would like Him to give him. As a result of that, God gave him wisdom, knowledge and great wealth that cannot be enumerated. In 1 Samuel 7:10, the five Kings of Philistines came to attack Israel at Mizpah where they were offering sacrifice and thundered with great thunder and threw their enemies into complete confusion and panic and they fled.


1. Oh Lord, by your power, grant me the grace to offer sacrifice that will be pleasing to you by the order of Solomon in the name of Jesus. 

2. Lord, by the merits and potency of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, answer all my prayers in this program, in the name of Jesus. 

3. Lord, by your power, grant me extravagant prosperity that will abolish permanently poverty in my life and family, in the name of Jesus.

4. Pray for our Spiritual Director Evang Chukwuebuka Anozie Obi and Zion Prayer Movement Outreach. 

Pray Effective Prayer Book - Prayer 45

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