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Day 18 Friday Sept 7 Topic: Breaking Evil Altar

2 Chronicles 34:1-7 Judges 6:25-27

An alter is a place of sacrifice where men and spirit meet together. On every alter there is a power behind it, either the power of God or satanic power. But today, we are talking about breaking the evil alters. God used Gideon to destroy the alter in his father's house. Child of God I don't know the old or new altar speaking failure, premature death, set back, rising and falling, barrenness and delay in your life and family, today arise and scatter every satanic alter working against you and your family.


1.Silence every evil alter speaking against your life and family.
2. Invoke the Angel's of God to assist you in breaking down every evil alter.
3.Call Holy Ghost fire 7 times and pray against any alter that is thirsty for your blood and the blood of your family.
4. Call the name of Jesus 7 times , Holy Ghost fire 7 times and begin to destroy every satanic alters in your life and family.
5. Pray for our spiritual director (Evang Chukwuebuka Anozie Obi and Zion ministry

Prayer 58 page 96

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