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Day 16 : 100 Days Fasting & Prayer 2024

TINGDAY 16 – SUNDAY 2ND JUNE, 2024. YOUR STAR MUST SHINE Matthew 2:1-11 There is nobody that is not born with a star. Your star is the embodiment of who you are and will be. God created everybody with a purpose and communicated in everybody by infusion the grace, power and enablement to achieve the purpose of His creation. When a person is born, his star may be hidden or manifest or begin to shine from his time of birth. When your star begin to shine people will begin to look for you. That was what happened in the life of Jesus. As soon as He was born His star began to shine and three wise men started looking for the owner of such a big and shinning star. Star brings about jealousy. That was why Herod sought to kill Jesus, because he has a big and powerful star, that explain the assignment and purpose of his coming. When you discover your star, be patient. Do not manifest before your time. There is a time to manifest and there is a time to hide. If you manifest before your time you will have problem. Sin destroys star. Stay away from everything evil. Evil people can also cover, extinguish, delay or try to stop the manifestation of somebody’s star. Your star shall shine. Its manifestation shall be sudden, instant and unstoppable, because you are connected to this program. When this happens, you will be greatly sought for, because you are special. For a long time you have been silent, but now your silent time is over in the name of Jesus. Your testimony shall be great. PRAYER POINTS 1. Oh Lord, by your power, let evil hand holding my star from manifestation wither and be amputated by fire in the name of Jesus. 2. My father, by your power, let every mouth speaking any form of negativity against my life and destiny be silenced by fire and thunder in the name of Jesus. 3. Lord, by your power, every evil veil or canopy covering my star be scattered by fire in the name of Jesus. 4. Pray for our Spiritual Director, Evang. Chukwuebuka Anozie Obi and Zion Prayer Movement Outreach. Pray Effective Prayer Book – Prayer 8

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