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Day 15: 100 Days Fasting & Prayer 2024

Day 15 SAT. 1ST JUNE, 2024 


Number 11:23, Jeremiah 32:27, Genesis 18:14 

Our God is a God of possibilities. What God cannot do does not exit. He can do and undo. All powers, including principalities and powers are subject to the ultimate power of God. He alone is God. He sees the end from the beginning according to the word of God in Isaiah 46:10. There is no negative situation that he cannot reverse. He is entirely capable to change your situation for good. There is nothing too bad or late for him. In John 11:40-44, Jesus made impossibility to become possible by raising Lazarus who had died and was buried for four days to life. In the book of Daniel 3:23-25, the Lord intervened and appeared as a fourth man in fire to save the lives of Shadrach. Meshack and Abednego from a brazing furnace. Hear me, all your problems are under his control. Before the end of this program, He will intervene in your situation and reverse every negative circumstance in your life positively. in the name of Jesus. 


1. My father, by your mercy and power let every impossibility in my life, family and business be made possible in the name of Jesus. 

2. Lord, by your power, let every negative circumstance working against me, begin to work in my favour, in the name of Jesus. 

3. Lord, by your power, make a way for me where there is no way, in the name of Jesus. 

4. Pray for our Spiritual Director, Evang. Chukwuebuka Anozie Obi and Zion Prayer Movement Outreach. 

Pray Effective Prayer Book - Prayer 31

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